You should Know: How to Earn The Time Spent?

You should Know: How to Earn The Time Spent?

You should Know: How to Earn The Time Spent? Money is tight and so is most of life, with most of the people spending their time on the work and family. Now is the time to think about improving our lives; spending our hard earned days of time travelling and get what we earn. Money can not buy happiness but money can buy the things which might help us to be happy!


I have been working from home since the last year and plus. I have spent too much of my earnings on the debt. More of that I spent too much of time to raise the money. Not able to take leave/off during festivals is the most hectic job I ever faced from the last year.

I learnt some of the money earning things which we can do as part time while working full-time for the job. I decided to invest this time to discuss some money management tips that you can implement. These could be hard for some people, but here’s my ideas on how to earn the time spent.

1. Get to know your money

Think about what you do the most. If you’re in the finance industry, is it sales and marketing? If you’re a person with education or work experience, what sort of job is it? Make sure you can be informed of your money. Do you know where your money goes and what you’re buying?

Having a budget will give you more knowledge on how you can increase your earnings. Do you take out the best interest rate for the products you take out? Do you know how much you’re spending on maintenance?

Once you’ve filled in this knowledge about how to spend your money, then you should be in the right headspace to take a long time at your job.

2. Look to your platform

While I have always liked to use my LinkedIn profile and find ways of applying those connections to my business, there’s a number of platforms that can support your earnings. Some platforms have their own membership services, and you’re able to earn monetarily from your followers’ engagement.

Websites can support your small business through different ways, the first being using social sharing techniques. For example, you may want to share your products through online marketplaces.

Also use your platform’s profile to promote your products and services. For example, if you’re a cloud service provider, your profile can easily allow you to promote your brand. A number of social platforms allow their users to promote products and services in one single click, this can be an incredible solution.

3. Use tools to increase income

If you want to earn more money, you’ll need to make use of tools to boost your income. You don’t need to spend all that money and time setting up a website, you can use a few tools to create a simpler way of living.

There are free accounts from platforms like Squarespace and Strava, which are business-friendly platforms that do the necessary work to give you a more professional space to work.

4. Make sure that you’re on social platforms

You have to get in the direct marketing, which is why you have to be on social media to start on a better platform. There are a lot of social platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. You can find many links to these platforms through your employer and friends.

If you’re a longer-term employee, you might need to check for the social sites within your work, but if your job is a short-term one, you’re advised to google to see what works best for you.

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