State Tree of Maharashtra | Mango Tree Information

State Tree of Maharashtra | Mango Tree Information

State Tree of Maharashtra | Mango Tree Information

What is the state tree of Maharashtra ?

As a kid we all have so many memories writing or reading books which tells us mango is the king of the fruits. And we all have such a large amount of memories with mango from our childhood. The tree, the climb, and the way we tend to all have done numerous efforts to fell those fruits on the ground.

mango tree pic

Description of the fruit tree

The state tree is the tree that gets chosen as an official image for that specific state. For our Maharashtra state, mango is chosen as the state tree of geographical area.

Mango is an associate edible fruit that has its roots within the region between north-western Myanmar, Bangladesh, and north-eastern Asian nation. 

Also, national fruit of india is Mango.

Growing and Caring for Mango Trees

Mango tree grow until thirty to forty meter, with a radius of ten to fifteen meter. These trees live long, some specimens still provide fruit when they grow three hundred years old. Scientific name for Mango is mangifera indica.

It takes four months for the mango trees to induce into the mature stages before they're able to harvest.

Another piece of mango trees is that its growth causes a method known as carbon sequestration or carbon uptake. The tree absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere within the encompassing climate zones across the globe, exploitation it to create the trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit of the mango trees. The tree produces chemical element and releases it into the atmosphere throughout this method.

The growing zone for this tree is restricted to tropical climates. If the temperatures go below thirty °F can kill or severely injure a mango, as mango trees cold tolerance is incredibly low. Mangoes square measure utilized in several cuisines. 

mango tree photo

Sour, unripe mangoes are mostly utilized in chutneys, pickles and eat with daals and different aspect of dishes in Bengali cookery. A summer drink known as aam Panna is created with mangoes. And so many people sell the aam panna during summers.  Mango pulp made into jelly or baked with some flavours or spices and chillies may even be served with baked rice in geographical area.

Mango Ras  or mango juice is very fashionable throughout South Asia which is the mixture of ripe mangoes or mango pulp with milk and sugar. Ripe mangoes are accustomed to create curries. Aamras is additionally a most well-liked thick juice created of mangoes with sugar or milk and is consumed with chapatis or pooris. The pulp from ripe mangoes is accustomed in creating a Jam. In Andhra a pickle created of raw, unripe, pulpy, and bitter mango, mixed with flavouring, fenugreek seeds, mustard powder, salt, and vegetable oil. Guajarati people use mango to create chunda (a sweet and spicy, grated mango delicacy).

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Uses of Mango Tree

In the Ayurveda, leaves(the mango leaf), flowers, and fruits have been used for treating several ailments of the abdomen and skin. The bark of the mango is powerful astringent that is utilized in contagion and rheumatism. The gum is usually accustomed to heal cracked feet and itching. The ripe mango fruit may be used directly and is acquainted with creating juices, chutneys, desserts, and jams. The unripe fruit is used to make mango pickles also so many people like to eat the kairi as it has very good taste.

the mango leaf

Health advantages of Mango | Health Benefits from Mango Tree

Mangoes contain vitamins like A, B, C, E, and K and minerals like Mg, potassium, and metal. They even have little quantity of chemical element, pantothenic acid, calcium, selenium, and iron.

One cup of mango provides nearly seventy percent of the RDI for vitamin C that aids in boosting the immune system, helps the body to absorb iron, and promotes growth and repair of cells. Mangoes are packed with polyphenols. These are the plant compounds that perform as antioxidants that shield cells against radical injury. The mangiferin polyphenol in mango is known as a super-antioxidant due to its capability to fight radical injury. Raw mango is eighty-four per cent water, 15% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and has negligible fat. The energy per one hundred gram of serving of raw mango is 250 kJ (60 calories). 

So it’s all about our favourite mango tree. Do let us know how you found this article and also your favourite childhood memory with mango tree.

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